About this blog

Basically, this is where I bear my semi-recovered soul. I used to be very lost, and I never want to forget what I’ve learned on my journey back into the world.

Many of the struggles that get labeled are just raw humanity. While some of the issues aren’t far from the norm sometimes the duration or intensity is. But some of us live with some radically different problems that others just don’t understand, and I will be talking about the whole range here from anxiety to hearing voices.

It’s like that rather dead, famous guy said:

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” — Plato


One comment

  1. Be courageous my dear sisters our pain is our gift and by it we will be found and find what we are searching for. It is a seal of the craftmanship of a creation in appeared disarray for a season only. The pains are temporal in avery sense and when we learn what the pain is teaching us we move on with true gold for others and then we find ourselves the richest ones on earth.

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