Successful Schizophrenia

May 22, 2012

Read some stories of people who are ‘weller than well’ on the site Successful Schizophrenia. The collection of stories hold a variety of viewpoints but all have recovered and many share what they’ve learned along the way. Angel found medications a severe problem and no help at all from her psychiatrist, while Larry attributes his recovery to the right combination of meds. I think its’ great that such a wide variety of experiences can be catalogued on the same web site. 

Thanks to my friends on Reddit  for sending me on the pathway that linked me to this site. Reddit is like, a giant information overload. It’s a hivemind community of links and things on the internet, (I think. I just found it today and am trying to figure it out yet.) Reddit is everything and anything at all, by no means limited to this type of thing. 


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  1. interesting website

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