April 30, 2012

“Psychotherapy oppresses us by teaching us that we are sick, crazy maladjusted. We should forget grandiose and paranoid ideas such as that some societies just aren’t worth adjusting to.” — Dianne Jennings Walker, from the book Own Our Own

I want to clarify that while I do agree with the above statement, it is the system and the way it’s designed that does this. Within this system there are indeed individuals who do good work in therapy, and I never want anyone who seeks help from it to feel judged. I found, though, that I am benefiting from trying to reject the model that I am sick, crazy or malajusted, and trying to change my life for the better instead of trying to adjust. We shouldn’t have to adjust to bad situations, we should try to get out of them. Much work in psychotherapy is done trying to get you to take care of yourself and recognize bad situations or relationships.


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