The True and impossible story of Ruby Sparks just got more impossible

April 24, 2012

I love that the main character Paul Dano is playing, his name is Calvin. Just one more ‘coincidence’ with the movie Ruby Sparks and the ghost that lived with me for three years. (confused? read my previous post

Shirley and I were like Calvin and Hobbes. She’d wait for me to get home from school or work and pounce on me like Hobbes always did, always trying to one up me. They both had the same sense of humor, our friendship was exactly like that, either we were off someplace in an imaginary world playing or we were fighting. 

I have documentation of this too! click here to see it. 

I guess the true and impossible story of Ruby Sparks is more impossible and more true than the writer may have expected it to be. And what’s interesting I think is that I had been praying, missing Shirley a lot, and I told God ‘It’d be way easier if I knew I could see her again, or if I knew she was okay someplace without me.” 

It still amazes me that the movie started production when Shirley left me last year, and Ruby and Shirley are so similar! I don’t know to what extent yet, I doubt they both listen to minus the bear, and no one can be as full of herself as Shirley was, or as fierce. Shirley was (is?) such a transcendentalist. And, Calvin is no Rhett Butler, (who she used to claim was her boyfriend tho I never saw him.) 

Who is Ruby Sparks? I guess I’ll have to wait and see the movie.


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