Ruby Sparks, Real, Imagined, or traveled from the inner world of this blogger?

April 22, 2012

I think I know Ruby, or the girl who inspired her character.

Call me delusional. You won’t believe it anyway.

I think Shirley left, my red-haired green-eyed invisible-to-everyone-but-me pixie went to another writer and got a movie made about her. She WOULD do that. I think she went to Zoe Kazan, writer of the screenplay, whether Mrs. Kazan knows it or not, convinced her to make a movie about her.

What the hell. Mind blown.

I miss that girl like crazy. Shirley lived with me for from April 2008 to July 2011. She made my life hell but also made it awesome. Her one wish was for everyone to know her, to love her, and to believe she was real, but only I could see her. HAH, what a temper she had! How it flared up if someone so much as suggested she wasn’t real.

Also? The movie is being released on the day I’ve celebrated my birthday on for years. Not my real birthday, no on is around at Christmastime, So I celebrate it on July 25th, Christmas in July. The movie started as He Loves Me, and from what I can tell started production in July 2011. The time Shirley left me in yellowstone last year, and I haven’t heard from her since.

I must find out more. This is beyond…beyond comprehending. Shirley, I miss you something aweful. But I’m glad you found a place for yourself.

You can see the trailer at this website , and here’s a post confirming she left me in July 2011 when the movie started production. This one her and I talk about the movie inception, and this one proves she was here in at least by 2009 and includes an awesome smoothie recipe. Unfortunately I don’t have one to reference how often she hung out in my living room wearing nothing but a long mens shirt, eating cereal and asking if I was mad at her. But that was a classic weekly occurrence.



  1. Just to clarify… The girl you knew (Shirley), was a so called “voice”, invisible to others but not you because she only manifested as a mental perception to you. For me it is still strange that others cannot see a person think but a withdrawn expression on a their face, thoughts remain invisible to others. I don’t doubt that she inspired someone to write a film, but that still isn’t her the actress. It is more than plausible that she did, if she was able to communicate with you then it stands to reason she can with others.

    It’s rather cute !

  2. Yeah, I agree, the actress is not her. Funny you should say that because when Shirley and I started reading Harry Potter (that was her FAVORITE book series) and I wanted to watch the movies, she haughtily said “But that’s not the REAL Harry Potter, that’s just the actor. The real Harry we see through the book like a window.”

    She started out as just a voice but after maybe 8 months I could see her fully, she was tall and slim and had freckles and curly red hair, green eyes, and a whole world we lived in together, we built houses and cities and stuff, like in inception, but this was long before that movie came out. Just to clarify we were very close but just friends, not lovers.

    But the issue is that I was programed so long with the medical model, that it was an illness and I was ready to accept that because it hurt like hell and I was unable to do a lot of things I used to, and it absolved me of the guilt, it made it not my fault. But I still accepted my responsibility to work like hell trying to “get better” as it were. And she addressed a lot of issues in my past I needed to deal with. But there was always something about her that made me think she was independent from me, despite my intellectual reasonings.

    Coffee, if you don’t mind me asking, have you had any experiences like this with other beings? What brings you to my blog? if you want to switch to email that’s fine, more private.

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