Eye Twitching

April 20, 2012

Update on the update on my eye twitching.

It hadn’t been doing that much lately until this afternoon when I grabbed a handful of peanuts and ate them. Within maybe 45 seconds I noticed my eye completely spazz out, just one eye, and kept it up for a while. I know i’m not allergic to peanuts, I eat the natural peanut butter all the time, it’s just got peanuts, oil and salt in it. But these were Emeralds seasalt peanuts with random stuff like mysterious modified food starch, and poweredered smashed emalsified dehydrated reconsittued such and such, you know, a giant list of things you can’t recognize. And allergins listed were Dairy, Soy and wheat. Which brings me to:

I’m doing a gluten-free diet for a month. I have a giant weird lump on my face, looks like a bruise, hurts and feels hot. and I showed it to my doctor and I thought it was a bit far fetched at first but he said It was a symptom of a food alergy, perhaps dairy or gluten, but he thought it might be gluten. So I’m trying that to see if it’ll go away. I’ve cut out a ton of processed foods which I didn’t eat too many of them to begin with. I eat unsweetened applesauce for breakfast with walnuts and cinnamon, instead of like frosted wheat or raisin bran. 

I’m only like, a week or two into it. I didn’t end up keeping up with the vitamin regimen but most my symptoms cleared up. I do keep up with the chia seeds and I take charcoal at night which helps control body odor. I haven’t noticed any change in the voices, some people draw connections between schizophrenia and gluten problems. But like I said it hasn’t been very long yet. 



  1. The lump / bruise thing on your face, did you noticed any amount of shame with it ?

  2. Coffee, I try to keep it covered because people ask about it and it looks like a golf ball is partly imbedded into my skin. I think I need to see a dermontoligist. So yeah, I guess so.

    P.S thanks for reading my blog. If you want to chat sometime shoot me an email, i’d love to talk about what brought you here and things in your life.

  3. I think going to a dermatologist is a good idea.

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