For Kate: What was Hitchiking like?

November 9, 2011

Hitchiking was strange, awesome, tedious, very awkward at times and thankfully not scary in our case.

I met a lot of people I wouldn’t have otherwise talked to, lots of foreigners, actually. I always went with a friend and it took a while to get a ride sometimes. Lots of standing in the hot sun holding a sign or just your thumb, hoping, and, depending on how dehydrated you are, insulting cars who pass you.

We met a Virginian blonde with a kayak on his roof. He hiked the entire Appalachian trail when he was 19. Later he worked a while as some high paid computer technician but hated it and then he quit his job and went traveling all around the world, Brazil, Australia, Scotland, some places in Europe…

We also met an elderly German couple who listened to Linkin park, an Australian artist who liked his lesbian niece better than his normal one, two colorado teachers who listened to local artists and made time for travel and friendship, a man who offered me pot, a silent and awkaward botanist with a daughter our age,an awkward old man… and of course lots of people who worked for the park.

It was a crash course in the lives of strangers. I think the national parks are the best place to hitchike because you’re meeting people who think about life differently, even if it’s just in small ways. Also because it’s legal and i’m weird like that, I like to feel like i’m doing something against the law without actually doing it.

I hope that answers your question Kate. 🙂


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