Ok. It’s been a while. Sorry

October 3, 2011

In the end of May, I graduated from high-school with my associates degree. (I might add: this 2 year degree took me 3 1/2 years). June I flew to Wyoming to live and work in Yellowstone national Park for 3 months. I got back the middle of September.

So that’s where I’ve been. Do you wanna see pictures?

Yellowstone was fantastic. I worked in a cafeteria with people from China, Taiwan, Malasia, Equador, Romania, the Cheque Republic… and made almost no money. But it was awesome. I lived in a dorm for 3 months and made some amazing friends. I’ve chosen to leave out actual-people photos because of permission reasons, but regardless I DID MAKE FRIENDS I SWEAR.

How? No idea. I decided to be open about my insanity once in Yellowstone. It was a social experiment. After all, in three months I never have to see these people again. I was even open, after a while, about my voices. People would be freaked out, but then the next day would come and sit down next to me BY CHOICE at the lunch table. I think my moodswings were tolerable to other people because I was funny when manically hyper,  my sad-spells only lasted a few hours, and my weird zonging-out peaceful-staring phases just made me seem very high. People were remarkably non-judgemental, I never heard of any racism issues either.

Everyone seemed to either drink, do drugs, or … no. That was it. I wasn’t pressured to do either, and I didn’t want to. I explained brightly that I already had holes in my brain. My friends were awesome. I felt more supported and accepted there than I ever did at home.

I’m not saying it was all peaches and cream. Mostly because that’s a weird thing to say. peaches and cream. Anyway, there were a lot of dark days and a lot of challenges to working there. First of all the food sucked. Second of all we had to hitchike 40 miles each way to get a decent cup of coffee. And the pay sucked. That would be third I suppose. Fourth… it’s tough to bond with people and then scatter. And 3 months is only a first impression of a place, albeit a better one  than 3 days.

I wouldn’t exactly recommend what I did: Broadcasting my insanity. But by some miracle it was ok. And I felt it was part of my healing. In fact… Something profound and life-changing happened. Que next post.


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  1. Wait, you hitchhiked? what was that like?

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