Things seem to happen all at once

March 25, 2011

I don’t go so far as to say that things happen in threes, because there’s no set up time limit or defining qualities to make it scientific enough, but I do notice a definite grouping.

Tough breakups occur and marriages fall apart all in the same week or so, it seems. Life is going along fine and then suddenly you hear about five different people you know having the same type of issue. Usually the subject is unsolicited, too.

Something funny: A friend and I both decided  to become vegetarians around the same time without ever mentioning it to each-other.

I’ve done a frequency chart about how often people mention or ask about the scars on my arms. It’s strange because no one says anything for months and months and then all the sudden I have 2 people mention it in the same week. I wear short sleeves all year around unless it’s 50º F or less, which has only happened about twice this winter. They are about 4 years old and have healed as much as they’re going to, I can’t figure it out. Soon all the activity will die out for another 5 months or so, and the cycle will start again.

I put it in by month so you can see the big picture.

Source: my journal.


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