I met someone like me

March 14, 2011

Shirley is too happy to be properly angry about anything today.

I met someone (offline!) who hears voices. They even have synethesia. They were the one to bring up hearing voices. Ok, here’s what happened: We were talking about seeing colors and tasting things in music, and we kept finding out we were so alike, so I guess they thought I hear voices too. And I did, but I didn’t tell them right away because there were people around. I was too shocked, to be honest.

But Shirley kicked of her shoes and began running and shouting her excitement to the purple skies in our world till they returned it in the form of echos. A tiny grin cracked at the corners of my face.

The deep lonliness that I often feel despite being around friends and family has dissipated a lot after I made that first friend in 2010. And now that I’ve made a few more friends since then, it’s really given me confidence in myself and something to look forward to.

Not to mention, now, I have someone around here who knows what it’s like to have to deal with someone trying to control you and threaten you without being able to even tell anyone. Sorry Shirley, it’s true though.

I hope their visionary will learn from mine that life is no fun when all you’re doing is hating.


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