Anxiety and Rhythm

March 14, 2011

My anxiety seems very physical. Everyone experiences anxiety when they are worried about something, me included. But the majority of anxiety I deal with is when I am not worried abut anything but my body is freaking out anyway.

If I’m standing, I assume I need to sit down. When I sit down and still feel the anxiety courseing through me, I blame the chair I am sitting in and go sit on the couch. And so on.

Oddly enough when I’m standing the anxiety seems to be located around my heart or in my hands. I even try to shake it out my fingertips sometimes. (doesn’t work.) But when I lay down it goes to my legs.

Music seems to help some, it gives the strange energy a path to settle into. It’s like those rubber mats with the groves for the water to go down in it so you don’t slip.


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