March 5, 2011

I love love love Evanescence. I love the slow songs with the layers of instruments, and the fast songs with angry fire. I love how everything is tinged with a deep inky blue.

I was so disappointed when the new album didn’t come out as scheduled for next fall. It’s supposed to come out sometime this year, and is going to be something new and different (would you believe futuristic and electronic?). While I’m a little worried, I’m also excited. There is a considerable difference musically between the EPs, Fallen, and the Open Door. And I like them all!

Read this post from the prophet blog for more info.

Usually I listen to the EPs and the Open Door. Actually if you haven’t heard their EPs get them here . I’ve downloaded a bunch of them and love it.

(The link is giving me a 403 or whatever. Try this one or just click the line that says “You may also want to try starting from the Evanescence EPs and Pre-Fallen Material download page: http://evanescencereference.info/music/which did the trick for me.)

The other day I was showing a friend one of my favorite songs: Imaginary, from the album Fallen. But I had to turn it off, it was brining back memories. I heard the pressing silence of pre-dawn all around me and of course the accompanying heaviness of my soul.And images of someone else’s ipod at dawn after having not slept all night (Ironic, right? That I’d listen to Imaginary on repeat because I can’t sleep.), pictures of the tree I used to sit in, and the stash of razor blades hidden in the lampshade.  And the images kept coming from there.

I just can’t listen to some of those songs on Fallen, even years later, even now that I’m largely recovered.


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