Damage Control

March 5, 2011

Being healthy isn’t always about being free of symptoms.

Sometimes it’s about knowing your weaknesses, your dangers and triggers, and taking steps to take to protect yourself, such as steering clear of temptation and not over scheduling, or making plans to get yourself back on your feet as quickly as possible and back into regular life, back to the things you enjoy.

If you know you’re likely to sit in bed and think about things that make you sad, have an alternative plan in place such as listen to music or tell yourself a story, or daydream about things you want one day. Maybe try hot milk or a sleep aid to reduce time spent falling asleep. Try different things until you find one that helps.

While it’s important to sit and analyze what went wrong and how to stop it, you can’t do that every time or you’ll never get anywhere. Assess your strengths and see how you can use those to your advantage.


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