The practical vs. the spiritual

February 24, 2011

I focus on the practical so others can begin to make connections and hopefully use what works for them, but I cannot stress enough that the only reason I am alive today is because of God’s grace.

God works through the physical realm, providing life through food, water, shelter, ect. In the same way, I believe God made provisions for my recovery through practical lessons.

Thinking back, so many things contributed to my recovery. I happened to stumble upon books and bump into people online that I learned valuable lessons from. I made friendships that lasted and got me through tough times. And my voices! If I hadn’t learned from other voice-hearers to work with the voices, and if the voices hadn’t responded positively, I would still be under their tyranny. I wouldn’t have learned this from conventional psychiatrists.

The thing is: the only reason any of us are still alive is all because of God’s mercy.

It’s not that He’s blessing one person and not another. God doesn’t owe us happiness, despite what the Christian media might portray. In fact He owes us justice, and we’ve all broken His perfect law. What’s the big deal about sin, you ask? Look at the way greed has caused so much pain. We’re all greedy; we all contribute to the horrid condition of the world.

But despite that, He hasn’t judged us yet. Every day on earth we have another chance to turn to Jesus repent. This is mercy. This is grace.

Because of what I’ve gone through, I know a little bit of what salvation means. I really know about the whole ‘the wages of sin is death‘ thing. It’s not so much “if you sin you’ll be punished with death/hell,” (which is still true), but in a broader sense it’s more of a “sin destroys” kind of thing.

Sin came into the world and robbed us of the truth. Then lies came into the void, corrupting things like our view of God, and in turn our view of ourselves. The lies that men and women believe about themselves… the lies I believe and have believed about myself…it’s disheartening. It sets everything off balance and throws our world into chaos. We forget how much we’re worth. We also forget that no one life is worth more than another.

The truth that sets everything back on a firm foundation is that God is good and faithful, and we are worth so much because He sent his son to die for us. If we repent and believe our sins will be erased. There is now no condemnation in Christ.

That means we can be forgiven not only of our glaring misdeeds but also of our inadequacies. No matter what we do, we have forgiveness to replace our shame. If you are in Christ, God will not be angry with you. You are safe here.

I know it’s a lot to take in, but Christianity often doesn’t make sense because we end up with fragments of it. The truth is a sphere. Just as there are many sides to the same story, there are many elements that go into making something whole/ complete.

If you’ve been encouraged by this absurdly long post, click on some of the links to biblegateway and read the chapters in context.


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