I’m being Thought-Disorder-y

January 12, 2011

I’ve been a little more symptom-y lately. (That’s one of the words Shirley made up. Symptom-y.) More specifically I’ve been thought-disorder-y. I said these very words the other day: “Every time I open my mouth, something ouse else comes than when we meant to.” I burst out laughing and my friend said “Case in point.”, but honestly it’s getting irritating. If I want to sound coherent I have to slow way down and pre-plan everything in my mind before I say it. And even then it might come out in the wrong order.

I keep reading words wrong as well. I read ‘psychics’ as ‘physics’ and “fresh” as “french”. I make these kind of linguistic mistakes all day long. I haven’t gotten around to buying the fish oil I touted as so helpful in a previous post. I really need to get on that, but it’s difficult to get things done when you have no car and no job. Not to mention it’s difficult to remember to get something that you need to help your terrible memory. I’ll start taking it again soon and post about it when I notice an improvement.

Although I should be doing really well with all of this cognitive therapy. Har har. (I use the term like John Nash does in an interview. He calls anything that engages the mind his cognitive therapy, even things like playing chess or having arguments.) French class is going at a striking pace. I figured that out as soon as the teacher asked us on the first day of class: “Neuf moins cinq font…” and I was thinking, nine something five…nine minus five?… I don’t know! leave me alone!

Just on a side-note, I logged out and then logged back in to add tags to this post, only to find out I had already done it. That’s my life lately.


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