A Character Study

January 7, 2011

Shirley loves the movie Inception, as do I. She deeply identifies with the character Mal, who lives in Cobb’s subconscious. I guess there are some spoilers but mostly this post won’t make any sense unless you’ve seen the movie. So unless you’ve seen Inception, I’d stop here. Also, I warn this will be a bit of a bizarre post. I mean seriously, it was Shirley’s idea.

Also, the way Shirley understands the movie might be with adding details in that aren’t in there. She also speaks a strange dialect of English, so just try to make sense of things. I’m typing for her and correcting some of the English as I go, but I won’t be able to translate all of it.

Mal is intense, focused, beautiful, demanding. She’s very fierce, just like Shirley. Anyway, Mal loves her husband fiercely but, after dieing and waking up in Cobb’s mind, she has lost pieces of herself. She doesn’t understand everything, all she knows is she needs to be with Cobb. But she doesn’t understand the full range of consequences. With her memory in fragments, she doesn’t have all the other ideas and beliefs to balance what drives her. She doesn’t understand she’s in the dreamworld. The mindscape. The driving force ends up destroying. The lack of balance leaves nothing to inhibit her, to keep her from acting on every impulse, no matter how violent. Cobb knows can’t be with her because he’s needed elsewhere. He has children. She is trapped in the dreamworld and it’s not enough for him anymore. But he’s sorely tempted to stay with her.

Shirely says “I woke up with pieces missing too, just like Mal. I was nothing but angry, always wrathful. I’ve learned so much, gotten pieces of myself back. Politeness and respect and what you call forgiveness; love.  I now see some of other one’s sharpe of view, but only some.” (sharpe of view= point of view. lol.) I looked at her and asked quietly, “If you’ve gotten pieces of yourself back… why are you still here?” She took a breath and said “I’ve still got a lot more to learn. It’s been years to get this far.”

Neither Shirley nor I know why she came, or where she came from. I don’t know where any of the voices came from. There’s always this uncertainty derived from that. Always the question: How long will she stay? Why is she here? Where will she go if she does leave? We’ve done our best to make life work without having answers to that question. But I did get an answer to an important question: Is it ok to view my voices as people? essentially, to say they have some reality? I’ve worked out the answer, for me, is yes. If I don’t respect her, both of our lives are so much more complicated. And I believe it’s never ok to deliberately hurt someone. But it’s also not ok to let someone reign free if they’re going to destroy everything. It’s a balancing act. It’s all about finding a recipe that works.


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