Fish Oil, Memory and Depression

December 31, 2010

Do you ever not make connections that are obvious? Do normal things not occur to you? Tonight I was cooking some burgers and I dropped a bit of cheese in the pan towards the end to heat it up. I got caught up with trying to keep the cheese from melting into the burgers and ended up burning all three burgers but not the little blog of cheese. Smart huh? I was right there the whole time, I could have flipped them, but it didn’t occur to me. It was then I realized I haven’t been taking my vitamins for the last few weeks.

Whether or not you’re on medication, lots of us are familiar with brain fog. I know I had it before, during and after being on anti-depressants, but I noticed my general confusion and brain fog was worse while taking medication. (I remember very little from the few months I took Lamictal.) I believe confusion fuels the withdrawal response. If you can’t follow the fast-paced conversations or happenings of life it’s easy to withdraw and stay there. Taking the Omega threes should really help re-orient you and help get you get your back off the wall. I know it helped me.

Top ten signs omega 3s could help you

  1. Do you burn food?
  2. Do you get distracted easily?
  3. Do you sometimes do things twice because you forgot you did it the first time?
  4. Do you often forget what month or day of the week it is?
  5. Do you walk into a room and forget why you’re there?
  6. Do you make phone calls and forget who or why you called?
  7. Do you fumble for a one-size-fits-all response even when you were listening to someone, because you forgot what they said?
  8. Do you make top ten lists and only include seven items?

I do all of these things and many more within 2 weeks after missing my fish oils. I think it takes another week after I resume for it to start clearing up again, but if you’re trying it for the first time I’d give it 2-3 weeks. I notice it big time for memory, but others swear it keeps their depression at bay as well. Studies have shown it helps both. (Dang it. Now I have to link to a study, don’t I? Fine. Here is an article from Webmd on depression, and here is one on the memory connection.)

Here are some important buying tips:

  1. Get enteric coated. Basically this means you won’t be burping it up.
  2. Make sure it says “nasty junk is filtered out”.It will most likely be worded more professionally and featured on the front of the bottle. The ocean is a scary place. I don’t even eat seafood anymore because it makes Shirley nervous. She’s afraid of caffeine and anything from the ocean. She acts like I’m going to die if I eat it.
  3. The recommended dosage is around 3000 mgs or 3 grams, but the study mentioned in the webmd link took 10. I took 4-6 in the beginning.
  4. Flax seed oil can be a viable alternative for vegetarians and vegans.
  5. Good ol’ Web MD pointed out that to get 3000 mgs from the cod liver oil you could be taking in too much vitamin A. Spend the few dollars and get either the fish oil or the flax seed.

If you are interested in more alternative treatments for depression and bipolar, I’d recommend listening to this radio episode from Madness Radio. Host Will Hall interviews Gracelyn Guyol, the author of Healing Depression and Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs.  While like anything else I advise taking things with a healthy dose salt, I found it full of good information and was worth my time. However I haven’t read the book.



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  4. […] all day long. I haven’t gotten around to buying the fish oil I touted as so helpful in a previous post. I really need to get on that, but it’s difficult to get things done when you have no car and […]

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