A round-up of my favorite not-over-played Christmas songs

December 25, 2010

Here’s my gift to you this year. It’s in no particular order. Click the song title to listen to it on youtube.

  1. Merry Christmas Here’s To Many More by Relient K. This song so clearly captures the weariness of coming through something tough and realizing things are better now. I love the way it meanders along in the verses then sort of wakes up at the chorus. It was my theme song last year.
  2. Red Ribbon Foxes by A Fine Frenzy. It’s such a wintery song, with a defined western flare. To me it whispers of courage. “And I’d like to kiss you/full on the mouth/ I don’t care if you tell/ for love doesn’t come in boxes/ nor truth in a crowded shop/those red ribbon foxes are not so easy caught/but the search it never stops.”
  3. River by Sarah McLachlan talks of regret and escapism. I have a soft spot in my heart for slightly sad Christmas songs. What’s wrong with me? *grins*
  4. Carol of the Bells by Trans- Siberian Orchestra. This one’s pure drama, and instrumental to boot. If Christmas was movie with an awesome soundtrack, these guys would do it. Also, TSO is more than just Christmas. You should check out their regular stuff.
  5. A La Nanita Nana, traditional spanish folk music I believe? This is a bit faster version with children and birds. I adore it.
  6. 12 Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser. This is classic Christmas humor.
  7. Zat You, Santa Claus? By Louis Armstrong. Check this one out for a good old fashioned swing time.
  8. Sleigh Ride by Amy Grant. This one’s pure fun.

Special thanks to the people who have no idea I’m linking to their videos. Merry Christmas All!


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