DID Channel

December 5, 2010
Rex is a part of DIDblogs which is a bloging network for users with DID. He explains it like this: “DID aka Dissociative Identity Disorder used to be known as MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder and people who have this disorder/condition have multiple personalities who are as different as you or I. They are individuals with their own life sharing one body and one mind.”

There is a chat channel, and a collection of blogs where the users can talk about their life and what it’s like to have this condition, knowing they are among others who will understand. Often it’s possible to have DID and not know you do, but many of the users have come to terms, and/or have met their alters and are doing their best to make things work. They’re really a great group of people.

“We provide a kind and helpful environment to help those of who have DID and to help they’re friends, family’s and partners.” RexAlters created the site and Anexova co runs the site and Rex created the channel as well as moderates it on a daily basis and there are others who hold the channel together when Rex is not available. Click here to visit.


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