It seems there are unlimited ways

November 24, 2010

There are unlimited ways to be dizzy. I feel like I’m sort of tipping over some times slowly, or i’ll feel the ground rumble underneath me. The latter I usually get from being tired, but i’ve done nothing but try to sleep this off and it’s not helping. it’s nothing like before when I was fine and then suddenly the ground would drop out from underneath me. I have a sort of spinning sensation. It might be from being sick, but it’s my only symptom left.

I think there’s something going around. I had a sore throat, I was cold and sleepy and dizzy and my stomach hurt and I had a headache. All of this for about two days, now all that’s left is this stubborn the-world-is-tipping-over-slowly feeling. I’m having issues sitting here actually it seems to be harder to sit here and write on paper with my head downturned than it is to walk across the room.


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