I’m back

November 22, 2010

I’ve had a hectic week, working the whole time. I’d complete one task and barely sit down before someone else asked for my help with something else. I had seven strangers in my house for a wedding the groom’s friends were uneasy about. Now I finally have time to myself again. The voices Shirley and Amy were really supportive in the beginning, then for about a day Shirley was a bit of a hassle. After that though they gave me some peace and quiet, retreating to Amy’s second home.

School and the group projects have really been an island of peace for me this week! In the absence of actual friends, working together with classmates on something I knew I could handle was the next best thing. I wonder if there’s some sort of therapy based on the idea that working together on a challenging yet mangable project gives you a sense of capacity and a feeling of support that transfers to other parts of your life?

I’m not terribly excited about thanksgiving or Christmas. It just seems like more work to me!


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