Medication and Mental illness

November 13, 2010

Sometimes when someone is diagnosed with a mental illness, or found to have symptoms, the preassure begins to tstart taking medication. Often it’s indicated that someone won’t have any hope of getting better without it, or will be dependent on it for years afterward but that’s simply not true.

To state it clearly, wether or not to take medication is your choice. It is very possible you can recover without it. Eleanor Longden, a voice-hearer and university graduate, describes her recovery like a bit of luck, a chance happening. She tells how she was pronounced hopeless and lost in the system until she happened to be refereed to Dr. Pat Bracken, who was the first to even speak of a future for her. His method included listening to the voices and engaging with them. This method makes a lot of sense as it’s worked wonders for me. I however, had to stumble upon it for myself. My voice Bella was instrumental in instilling the hope and idea of working with difficult people. Honestly I believe God sent Bella to help me learn how to recover.

Anyhow, read the article here.


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