The only time the loneliness subsides

November 3, 2010

When I get in a rhythm on a project, mundane things like hunger, discomfort, loneliness, are left behind in another state. Sometimes I go for hours without taking breaks, but eventually the lack of food catches up with me and makes my hands tremble, interfering with work. So I reluctantly surface and attend to my needs. It’s the same when I’m engrossed in a good book.

I half-thought the reason I was so intent on career-seeking because I was afraid of relationships. But experience has told me that no  person can alleviate the loneliness. Though prayer can provide strength, I still feel just as homesick and lonely as ever.

This is what helps: Something tangible I can devote myself to, or something that carries me away, something that I can measure my progress in.

Stories, crafts or research. I’ll be on the lookout to add to the list.


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