Life– as explained to me by a house

October 22, 2010

Just because some of us can’t find it within ourselves to be excited about going to school to get a good job so you can borrow money to pay on a on a nice house you can’t afford for the rest of your life and try to send your kids to college to get a good job so they can have kids and send them to college… people say there’s something wrong with us.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a good job. I do too. I don’t want to be another one of the millions who can’t afford to pay the bills and eat 3 healthy meals. But if we always live for the future then when are we actually living? And are there better ways to do things?

Just because you don’t want to live the life someone planed out for you, or the life culture expects of you, doesn’t mean there isn’t a life out there that you do want to live! Don’t limit yourself to the mainstream way if it’s not what you want. Traditional is ok, but you can also make your own traditions. Take some time to think about what you really want, instead of the least of the evils. Take the best of our culture, and leave the rest behind.

People who are dissatisfied with regular life are often the ones that give us the best literature, the best inventions, the best examples. You don’t have to be unhappy to contribute, that’s for sure. But if you can use your dissatisfaction as an inspiration, as a spring board for moving forward  you may find yourself in a better place, lighting the way for others by example.

One example that’s getting me excited is alternative building. In fact it’s what helped me realize there are other ways of doing things, and how we get caught up in choosing from the slew of mass-produced options and feeling in our hearts that there’s something missing… but we can’t place it.

I recently read about a cob house in the Yes! Magazine,  which is a quirky magazine that looks at practical improvements for big issues today. The article can be found here. If you’re interested in hearing more about the house, or just want to see pretty pictures, head on over to the house’s blog at the Year Of Mud for the one-year report. Just a few glimpses, and I can see this is a house pulsating with quiet life, someplace you can really rest in, and rise in.

Even if living in a cob-house isn’t what you want to do, it’s a powerful idea that outlines another option far off the beaten path, that can maybe help us see what other things we might be interested in doing, other ideas still hidden in the shadows.


One comment

  1. I remember you showing me that house…

    It was cool. Keep writing solace, i like your blog. 🙂

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