Just a wild thought

October 7, 2010

I see parents out places losing their temper with their children, or giving in to their every whim, so I started thinking about how people raise their children, how they interact as a family, and so on. I wondered, would parents raise their children differently if they knew from be beginning that as the children came of age they could name any family they wanted, or denounce theirs based on a clear outline of how a family should treat each other?

That is essentially what we do, though. Based on how our family treats us, we’re either itching to leave home and marry into a new family, or we might have a healthy excitement for starting our lives away from home. The former often skip town and never call. The latter support each-other and encourage no matter the distance.

I think parents need to be reminded that they should aim to guide, not control their children, and teach, not punish. (Even if they are teaching through punishment at times.) People need to be reminded they do not own their children.

The family naming ritual could be a celebration of forgiveness and commitment to the people you know care about you, or a time to break away from people who have put you down your whole life. I know it could and would be used wrongly, but so could anything else. I think it’s would just be a clearer, more constructive way to confirm what we already practice as a culture.



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