Mood swings

September 4, 2010

I’ve been going back and forth from fine to sudden bad anxiety, to giggly to euphoric to depressed to fine again. All in one day. I noticed two days ago I had two really severe mood swings. I documented it. The next day I had about four. Today I am at seven… If this pattern persists i’ll be nothing but on this wild ride… it’s hard to focus and stuff as it is.

It’s taken a large amount of determination to keep going, to keep up with school assignments, to just hold on and wait for this to pass. There have been times though, where honestly every five minutes my mood would change. It was like being on the yo-yo of death. But there have also been times — months even — where I don’t have to deal with this kind of fragility of mood. But then again I have other stuff to deal with… And the voices are a constant. They definitely make my life more difficult, but like I said they’re a constant. It’s good to have a constant sometimes, even if it’s difficult. We care about each other and we put a lot of effort into making things work, and I enjoy Amy and Shirley’s company.


One comment

  1. sounds hard to deal with, but i have faith in you. You handle things so well. *hug*

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