Favorite T.V Shows

August 5, 2010

I am agonizing over the fact that I am taking night classes this semester, and will be missing both the Office and Chuck. I was feeling really good until I found this out, and well, I’m really feeling down right now. Sometimes it’s just one small thing that tips my mood out of balance.

I’ve been watching the Office all summer long with two really good friends. Before I watched it with them, it used to be Shirley’s and I’s thing. I remember her and I used to giggle over it and huddle in blankets at the computer late into the night watching it. Needless to say I’d been looking forward to both all summer long, but now I’m incredibly disappointed. I feel deflated. I’ll be able to watch them on the computer a week behind, but still it’ll be alone and not with family like it was before.


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