moving objects

August 3, 2010

I don’t remember when the whole everything-I-look-at-looks-like-it’s-moving thing stopped for me, but it started up again this week.

Earlier I was in the kitchen talking to my dad and my friend about I forget what, but I was also trying to grab some vitamins on the counter. Suddenly the counter dropped lower about a foot and I was so disoriented I stopped talking. I watched as it sort of “clicked into place” and then I fumbled for the vitamin bottle. Finally I got it and finished my sentence. The whole thing must have taken place in less than 15 seconds but still, it felt long and drawn out and very strange.

Usually stuff like this happens when I don’t get enough sleep, but I got plenty last night (actually I slept 14 hours). This is strangely reminiscent of the falling-sensation I got a few months ago and went away. It’s just the one incident right now, but there is the constant warping in my vision that had also gone away.



  1. WoW, sounds amazing and freaky at the same time. Do you mean the counter physically dropped lower or just a vivid impression ? – Still reading through your blog, interesting stuff, Coffee (FB Hearing Voices page)

  2. I don’t know, it felt like the entire world shifted a foot or so lower. But logically I guess I would say it was just a vivid impression? thanks for checking out my blog.

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