One step away from tragedy

April 20, 2010

I found out yesterday my friend’s brother totaled his truck and it rolled several times. They got a call from the hospital and thankfully he’s fine. The doctors and paramedics were stunned because he walked away unscathed.

My friend and I were talking about we want to say “God protected him.” but how could we look another father in the eye who had lost his son and say that? It’s essentially saying “God did not protect your son.” What kind of message is that sending? What made her brother better than another man who got in the same kind of accident? Nothing.

But then my pastor brought up the fact that God has been protecting every one of us since our birth. All this time on earth where we are not being judged for our wickedness as people is mercy. God doesn’t owe us anything.

It’s not that we can’t do good things as people, (because there are a lot of good people) it’s just that what we do that is good is blotted out by our sin.
God is perfect and he can’t ignore our inability to measure up to his perfect standards (and it would be wrong for God to lower the standards.) Solution?
Send Jesus.

My friend and I came to the conclusion that sometimes it’s just how the cards fall. It’s wrong to say to someone with a disease “Your parents have sinned and this is why you are sick.”  It’s a dangerous idea. But we believe God is speaking to us in all of our life events, trying to get one message through: We need him. We need to come to Jesus to be saved.


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