Dealing with Anxiety

April 15, 2010

I feel restless and uncomfortable. I want to step outside my body and leave it behind for a while. It’s not so much that I worry this might happen, but more of I wish this conversation could have gone differently. Mostly I feel a misdirected energy bouncing around inside me.

I found this web site about anxiety, and I like how the Anxiety BC website stresses that anxiety is not dangerous. It may rise for a while then the feelings will hit a ceiling and gradually come back down. It does not last forever. As I like to say, it’s just weather. Sometimes it’s windy, sometimes it’s hot and humid. I can’t change the weather but I can prepare for it, and eventually it will change.

It’s very factual and easy to read when you’re being distracted by anxiety. I’ve had a quick look around their website and it seems like it’s a pretty good place. So if any of you deal with anxiety that might be a good place to check, there are a lot of self help and informational resources.


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