Little trickster.

April 14, 2010

So Shirley has been playing tricks on me lately.

Exhibit A:

Sunday morning. My mother came in to wake me up for church (or so I’m told) and I sat up and muttered something. She went off to get ready and I guess I must have laid back down. I don’t  remember any of this, I was still sleeping.

A few minutes later my mother comes in, somewhat frantic because now we’re going to be late. “Are you getting up?” She asks me, (I remember this).

Shirley says “It’s monday.”

So I said to Shirley “Why does she want me to get up? I don’t have school on monday.”

Hah, So it was Sunday. Thanks for that, Shirley. She made me late! <_< But I have to hand it to her, that was pretty good.

And Exhibit B:

Last night I was having a semi-serious conversation with Shirley, and I realize that she’s munching 0 calorie potato chips and taunting me with them. I laughed and rolled my eyes. “I wish I could remember all our times together,” I said, already begining to feel the first part of the actual conversation slip into the recesses of my memory.

“So? Write it down.” Shirley munched more of the ketchup chips, prompting more glares from me.

“Really. It’s that simple?” I reminded her of my extra guest, the one sleeping in my other bed.

“Yeah it’s that simple.”

“Oh, yeah.” I said. “I do this all the time.” So I got up quietly and fumbled around in the dark, picking up my journal and a pen. I was halfway into the hall before I realized I was wandering around the house in just a t-shirt, no pants. I could hear Shirley snickering in the background. “Thanks a lot,” I murmured. I hoped no one was still awake!

Sometimes I think she just takes credit for these things as they happen. Hah, like the time she told me I had to run out into the street and warn someone. I felt the urge so strongly, and I figured it must be an other-worldy passerby I had to warn, so what would it hurt? I ran out into the street and shouted “Wait! Just be careful.” And then I found myself face-to-face with a very confused neighbor.

Shirley pointed and laughed. She kept laughing for a long time after that, too.

“I uh, just wanted to warn you…” I finished awkwardly, already beginning to laugh at myself. It was a better alternative to dying of shame. Anyway, that neighbor already knew I was insane. He was at my house the day I came home from the Psych ward all those years ago.

She also sits and stares at me while I take my tests, and makes me feel uncomfortable. While she doesn’t help me with answers during the test, I find it helpful to study with her beforehand. But yeah, what is with her? When I’m sitting in the front row she makes me feel so self conscious and yells at me for various things, which in turn makes me prone to audibly shushing her, tapping out fake-morse code, or pointing in her general direction while pretending not to notice what my arm is doing. Hah. This is why some people think I have tourtettes. LOL.

Now for me to keep an eye out on ways to play tricks on her or verbally trap her in the coming days. Only problem is, if I come up with it in advance she knows about it. Heh. It was a game we used to play, We kept track of it, I think it was 8-7 last time I remember. Wow, this was over a year ago since we’ve been playing score. Looks like she got better during the break. So now it’d be 8-10. I better get up on my game.


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