Hebrew letters

April 9, 2010

So I keep seeing hebrew letters places. I figured it was my bad eyesight, since the most common one I see is the dalet, (which looks like this .). Small words on faraway signs might line up to look like a dalet. But then yesterday I looked in the sink, which was full of water, and there I saw a dalet, lamed, sheen, and a tsade all floating around. Which was weird, to say the least. I don’t think it spelled anything particular.

I think my brain takes the things I put into it at school, shakes it up and spits it out again. Shirley used to repeat words I learned in science class all day, her and Amy would play with funny-sounding words like they were beach balls or something. She sometimes recites the moons of Jupiter all in the wrong order, over and over again, which can get annoying.

Does anyone else’s brain do weird things with stuff they hear places?


One comment

  1. what you got is maybe a gift , in kabala how can see hebrew letters is a great man.

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