Meet Amy

April 2, 2010

Meet Amy. She often disappears for long periods of time, claiming to have been in france, but she always comes back. She’s been very participative the last few weeks, and has been there to settle many a score between Shirley and I.

We look up  to her, and not just because she’s the oldest and wisest of us. When I ask her something she often points behind her to Christ, telling me that any good thing comes from God. She’s the one who taught me beauty is transparent.

She’s a little shy and quieter than Shirley. She is so patient and accepting. sweet but serious. She can sometimes be annoying though. (Sorry dear.)

Their faces are missing because 1) I often don’t even see them, and I just know their expression and 2) I don’t draw faces in the same style as the bodies are drawn here. I’m going to work on that…


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