A Sensation of Falling Update

April 2, 2010

So after three or four days the sensation of falling stopped, and I felt a little more steady, more in charge of my body. The dizziness stopped after day five, but the world still moves and distorts the same way. Once in a while the world will just quake weirdly in my vision, but I won’t feel anything move, or things look as if they are floating up then down in a weird breathing motion that doesn’t stop when I hold my breath. Whereas before I only would see the wall waving wildly like a sheet on a clothes line, or slowly distorting like reflection on water, now more things are happening. But overall I guess it means it’s back to normal. I’ve experienced this for over a year, maybe two. It comes and goes, slows down and speeds up. It is amazing how much one can become accustomed to, no?


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