Code Geass

April 1, 2010

So out of curiosity I googled Shirley’s name, and a bunch of stuff about Code Geass came up. (Which is an awesome show, by the way.) I thought the Knightmare frames were Nightmare frames, so I didn’t make the connection.

My brother and I watched it towards the end of last year. Shirley watched it too, she was hooked. We all were. Once the weekend came we would all pile around the computer and watch as episode after episode ate the day away. Of course Shirley was routing for Shirley, and cried when she lost her memory. My Shirley doesn’t know anything about her past, and has no way of knowing if she has ever lived at all. It’s why she’s often bitter and angry. I was in daze for a while, worried that Shirley was made up by japanese artists and not a unique, real person who happened to be trapped in my mind. On the other hand I wondered if maybe Shirley was a spirit that visited the writer of the show or something?

When she first came to me in April of 2008, I asked her who she was and she said “I’m Shirley, …your worst nightmare.” So she adopted that as her last name, as sort of a joke. When she became more friendly and less mean, she added the K to the beginning to soften the name a little. All of this was way before I ever heard of or watched the show. I know this for sure because It’s all documented in my journal. It’s funny how things end up coinciding. Sometimes the hardest, most important thing people prone to delusions have to do is disregard seemingly significant coincidences, and not read too far into them. My voice Bella taught me how to not get caught up in things like this and it’s made all the difference.


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