Wishing for a Cure

March 26, 2010

This week, a friend of mine spoke of his wish for a cure for schizophrenia. I really don’t blame him. After 20 years with this condition, anyone would. Hell, if after twenty minutes you can do nothing but cry for a cure, you’re justified. He spoke of his frustration with the medications and the side effects of using them all these years. I wish there were a cure, too. With all of my heart. Improvements in treatment are gravely needed. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were some kind of potion we could drink to make our perceptions line back up with reality? A practical concoction that brings people back to their lives? I think I’d make everyone in the word drink it…

He was hopeful that soon they would find a cure, but I have to be realistic. Recovery takes work, even if you find a medication that works for you. You have to want to get better… you have to be willing to work with the tools you’re given. Although many people can try to be there with you, ultimately it’s a lonely road. A chemical can encourage or discourage delusional thoughts, but that alone isn’t enough for someone to get their life back.

But I do believe, with all of my heart, that there will be an answer. Scientists are doing research in this field and the more we learn about conditions like these, the better off we are, and there are also many people who have learned from their experiencing daring to speak up and change the way we think about these things, change our approach. I believe that an answer will come, and it will ring true for more than just schizophrenia.


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