A Sensation of Falling Part Two

March 24, 2010

So this is going on day two (technically three since it started two nights ago) of the strange falling sensation. It happens when I close my eyes or move my head, but sometimes when I do neither of those things. Sometimes things that are stationary seem as if they are moving. Walking is sometimes difficult, and I feel unsteady even if I’m securely seated. Sometimes I feel things rush towards me or away from me, like when you stand staring down at your feet buried in the sand as the wave rushes back towards the ocean, and you feel like the ground is moving.

(This afternoon I was in the bathroom sitting down, and I watched the shower door slide open, although the gap where it was partly open before never seemed to get any bigger. This kind of thing has happened before, such as watching things grow or shink but they never change size… or watching the wall wave and flap like a sheet on a close line, but it hasn’t been accompanied with the sensation of falling, or feeling unsteady on my feet because the floor does weird things.)

Maybe I should mention this to someone. The thing I am wondering is: does it have a medical source or is it just my brain playing tricks on me again?


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