Voice Collective

January 8, 2010

The Voice Collective is a very good website aimed at young people who see or hear things others don’t. It’s well organized and easy to read. It talks about this stigmatized phenomenon of hearing voices and is very informative. If you hear hearing voices or seeing things, you’re not alone. And unless it is disrupting your life, you don’t need to worry. If you live in London there are even peer-support meetings.

This page is very good; it talks about how to deal with difficult voices. Many of the techniques have worked well for me in the past, though only when I kept it up and didn’t back down. Especially  the ‘Challenge them’ one, and ‘Listening with kindness’. Firm kindness has worked very well with me, and Shirley and I are happier now that we get along. Sometimes I even need to tell Amy to quiet down for various reasons.

Intervoice, which is linked to on every page, is also a very good site for information on hearing voices. It’s much more common than we are lead to believe, and not always bad.


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