The New Year

January 1, 2010

So it’s 2010 already. (Who else finds 2010 a scarier number than 2012?)

I was out on a walk with friends and family watching fireworks to usher in the new year. I hollered along right with them during the countdown, and skipped about with everyone in the new year, but I felt like it was only partly my holiday. The night was good though, good to be with those people not all alone like last year.

I tried to congratulate Shirley on the new year but she said it wasn’t her new year. Her years come acording to maturity. She said it was strange to celebrate the year on the same day. Why not celebrate it when a country comes through a terrible problem triumphantly? When a child first beings to see what being an adult means? When we learn something about life or ourselves?

I said those things are certainly cause for celebration but what a mess our calendar would be!


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