More vocabulary

December 18, 2009

I am doing this because Shirley and I are fighting tonight and It wouldn’t be good to forget what she looks like when she’s not angry. So I am posting the words she suggested earlier this week, when we both were getting along.

Many people argue over the definition of beauty. Some words have colors, like hope is a bright and deep indigo. Beauty, however, is transparent. And through it we can see the world as it once was, unmarred by death and destruction. Beauty captures us because it plays on the memories we don’t have, the collective memory of the way things should be.

And also the word blessing is the same word for lesson. They do sound close don’t they? Whenever I come to better understanding of something it helps me handle it in a way nothing else could. It is the purest blessing.

Shirley has been a blessing to me, even counting all our quarrels and how difficult life can be just because of her presence.


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