November 28, 2009

I heard a phone ringing somewhere distantly in my dream. I looked at the clock of the dreamworld. Who would be calling in the middle of the night? I checked the phone; it was an unknown caller, and went back to sleep. Then I woke up for real, and the phone was ringing at 3:40 AM.

It was the brother’s girlfriend. I heard my brother telling her to not call this late, and say he’d talk to her later. So he hung up. Then the phone rang AGAIN. And AGAIN. I heard a high pitched screech talking about black friday deals from across the atlantic, with a few choice words about keeping promises. Then I heard my brother answer her in kind. A few swear words later, he hung up and the phone rang AGAIN. “If you call the house, I will not even look at cameras.” I heard him warn.

I opened my eyes and Shirley and I exchanged glances. “She wouldn’t,” I told Shirley. Shirley made a face, and shrugged. My brother repeated his threat, and then said goodbye. A few seconds later… the house phone rang. At almost 4 AM.

“I’ma unplug it!” I here my brother exclaim to no one in particular, and rush out of my room.

Momentarily he returned. And the phone rang again! My eyes flew open and Shirley looked at me and said “She’s the devil!” as if that explained everything. A slow grin spread across my face, despite everything. Well, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t explain a lot. Cuz it does.

Then a few more cords got unpluged, but by now half the household stirrring with confused looks. I finally got up and stumbled around the house, repeating “Seriously?”

So yes, his girlfriend did call at nearly 4AM to demand he get the best deals on the camera she wants. Just one of the joys of (temporarily) sharing a room.

Surprisingly, Thanksgiving day was good. Normal, even. It’s just the rest of the year my family are insane.


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