Sometimes Attraction Has Nothing To Do With Attractiveness

September 10, 2009

The title says it all. My proof? Personal experience.

There was someone I spent a week with. I didn’t want to admit it, couldn’t explain it, but I was irreversibly attracted to them. They weren’t overly attractive, (I mean they weren’t ugly, but someone else looking at the crush might blurt “Why?” when I confessed my feelings.) but for some reason I found something about them so utterly charming, I was captivated. Just the way they talked, moved, there was an energy about them that I couldn’t resist, it drew me in like a magnet. Being around them was utter torture and yet it was all I wanted. I had to be careful not to stare, careful not to give myself away because I knew they were looking at someone else that way.

And this someone else was considered sort of “ugly” by everyone else. It was a weird situation and I knew I’d never see them again, so I tried to ignore it. (keyword: tried.) Anyway.

Ladies, don’t destroy your body to achieve some ideal. Don’t destroy your identity. Someone will come along who will like you or you and they won’t even know why. It happens, it’s a mystery, but it will come to you in time.

On a side note,

People used to think little sprites came to turn the milk sour. I don’t know what that has to do with anything.


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