Transcript of a chat with a voice (and a smoothie recipe!)

August 5, 2009

*Shirley and I were talking about what I can do to make my life more interesting. I have a variety of hobbies but at the end of the day i’ve spent most of it inside my house trying to be civil with other family members. I was complaining about this while making a smoothie this morning, and Shirley said “So why don’t you get up off your ass and change something?”

“I have plenty of opportunity to get out there and change things for myself.” I said by way of evasive defense. I watched Six frozen strawberries tumble into my vitamix. “but….” I stalled, then sighed. “I wish I knew more people, wish I were doing something that mattered.”

“Weren’t you going to volunteer this summer?” This was a jab at my planning-but-never-doing-anything gene that’s been passed down through the ages.

“hm?” I ignored her while I poured a glass of Apple juice over the berries. A drop dribbled down my hand and I licked it off. I felt her eyes on me as I peeled two bananas, and tossed in a handful of blackberries. I opened the fridge to search for that last ingredient, tapping my foot on the cold tile floor.

“If you have occasion to change things why do you not do it?”

My eyes landed on the half a carrot I didn’t finish yesterday, so I threw it in the blender and turned it on. “Occasion is different from opportunity.” If I could have crossed my arms and stuck out my bottom lip while i said this I would have.

“Oh really?” Shirley put her hands on her hips. I could see her behind me even though I had my eyes closed. I opened them and watched the carrot disappear, then shut it off; the racket unnerved me.

“I’ll show you.” I poured a glass and sipped it cautiously. Actually, the carrot didn’t taste bad in there.

So that is how we both ended up pouring over the dictionary. This is what it boils down to:

Opportunity requires more courage.

Occasion is when the opportunity presented to you needs or wants something from you. It’s expected, you’re invited to come and take action there. It’s actually bad if you don’t.

Opportunity on the other hand takes courage to step out and do something unexpected. It may not be well received, may not be deemed normal; It’s more risky.

A clear illustration of this is under the mistletoe you have occasion to kiss someone, while you have the opportunity any time you are physically close.


* Shirley is my voice, she is not supposed to “exist”. She’s surprisingly intelligent but often disagreeable. This is her on good behavior. She both hates and loves it when I talk about her.


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