The two most important things in life are

June 4, 2009

Awareness and understanding are the two most important things in life. Someone said “No, food and water are the most important,  because without them you die.”. I thought about it for a while then said “No it’s not, because without awareness of the food, and understanding the consequences, you die.”

And I was thinking compassion is the most important thing. But if you have awareness of the problem, and understand what they’ve been through, compassion comes freely. 

What about love? Surely love is the greatest of these things. But without understanding what love means, we can gravely misrepresent it. Love, above all things, is forgiving and gentle. It is unselfish, it is not greedy. Without understanding that, we may not know how to keep a lasting relationship and make it work.

Advertising does two things. First it makes you aware, and second it tries to present the facts so that you understand why you need it. In other words it tries to convince you. And what is convincing? Really it’s just forced understanding, even if it’s true or not.

Schools can teach you the facts, but what good is it if you don’t understand them? It’s like learning to read the alphabet of a language you don’t understand. What is the point of that? Therefore we must be taught (or teach ourselves) to see the connections between things, we must expose ourselves to many different things, to see how one thing effects another, and look for the result.

Any good businessman learns to weigh the cost against the profit and decide what to do. But without seeing the connections, information can be left out and the result of the equation will be wrong. This is why we mustn’t trust our education to schools. Not many teach in this method.

Can understanding really be taught? I guess we should try to find out, if  it’s so important.


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