Universal vs. Global

April 6, 2009

Universal matters are something I understand well; things about the human condition, thought proccesses, emotions, ethics, cultures and mindsets; consiquences and responces; how we communicate and what we really mean.

But global matters I cannot grasp. The are things I avoid because they seem so massive. I don’t understand colossal things like politics, law, war, campaigns and countries, ect.  

There is so much push for global this and that. World peace. Currencies that spread more than one country. Allied nations. Better relationsions between leaders. Problems like global warming and world hunger pull countries together. Which is good, right?

Long speeches talk of pulling down barriors of races and origins, of searching for harmony in our humanity, and working towards being more united. We hear people cheer from the front lines all the way to the back row.

But we must understand that  ‘going global’ can never bring us unity and peace we all hope for.       

Without understanding of universal matters, attempts at global matters will never make the difference we all long for.


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