April 2, 2009

Flesh against the spirit,

brain against the mind, 

body fighting illness, 

is insanity defined. 


This short poem defines insanity as an overwhelming struggle. It is painful and chaotic. It is a certain category of issues in the mental health field. It is not weakness, It is struggle. 

Is everyone who struggles dangerous? Of course not! You can have mental health issues without being dangerous. Depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive tendencies and grief are all mental health issues, but having to deal with any one of these does not make you ‘mentally ill’ per se. In fact, all of these issues are just a part of the human condition.

I hear voices, see things, deal with depression, anxiety, confusion, memory loss, delusions and obsess over some things. All these symptoms come and go without warning. I resent the fact that people try to diminish my struggles by assuring me that I don’t have a problem, or telling me I’m better now. Sometimes I am able to function, sometimes I am not. 

I hate how some people dismiss your pain and tell you to get over it. I hate how people look down on people who are struggling, be it mental health or just being poor. I hate how some people who don’t understand try to get in your business. And I hate how some of us just take it, just let people talk to us that way or not show respect. 

We don’t have to take it. You deserve more respect that that.



  1. I know what you mean.. My sponsor is always telling me that I’m just an addict.. I’m no better or worse than any other addict.. Im not depressed im just an addict. Work the 12 steps and you’ll be cured.. Well ive worked more steps than him and i still feel depressed nervous and full of anxiety most of the time.. Sadly i sit there and take it and convince myself that hes right at the time when i know hes wrong later.. blah blah blah .. i need to see a psychiatrist

  2. Yeah, cutting is an addiction but it’s more than that… i’m two years accident free almost, and I still think about it once in a while.
    My old therapist said that you have to make the consequences of giving in to the urge worse than the benefits. Well right now the consequences is a trip to the psych ward, hospital bills, and a bundle of shame heaped upon me, so I avoid it.

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