end of the world, economic meltdown, martial law…

March 25, 2009

I hear these phrases circulating. Sometimes not said in those words, but it’s there. I hear it in the fear, the speculation, the ignorance, and the sound of america printing more money.

And I would be a liar if I said it didn’t scare me. It scares me because half of me dismisses it, and the other half is afraid it’s true.

My Biggest Fear 

My biggest fear is not that the world will divide against itself, that the stores shall be emptied of food and be replaced with fear and an every-man-for-themselves mentality, where every street will be unsafe to walk down. 

My biggest fear is that all this will happen, and everyone will miss the message that now is the time to band together. To find your friends and your family, and ask yourself what really matters? 

My biggest fear is that we will be alone in a chaotic world. 


Following Your Conscience Home 

Have you ever seen those scenes in movies where there’s a fire and people get trampled as they try to vacate the building? Or the scene in those christmas movies where the mother shoves down the old lady to get the last ham. 

What really matters? Is it getting the last ham, or is it standing on what you believe in, in keeping decent behavior while you think about the isles others might have missed in their haste? 

What do you gain if you compromise what you believe in, and cannot sleep at night because of what you have done? 

Panic, fear, and violence never help anyone. 

So before you freak about economic meltdown, (ok maybe while you’re freaking out about it) Ask yourself, do you want to be alone in a chaotic world?

You have to be the kind of person you would have wanted to help back when your world was safer and you wanted to do your good deed.


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