Hurrying towards Anxiety

March 23, 2009

Although anxiety is much, much more than being in a hurry and stressing about being late or unprepared, much of this type of anxiety fills everyone’s lives, wether they have an anxiety disorder or not. 

What is Anxiety? 

At it’s basic level, one becomes anxious when they worry when something is not enough. We stress when we think there will not be enough time or money. We also worry we are not enough, or that we don’t have enough skill. 

I watch my mother exhaust herself working day after day. When she finally sits down she sighs and laments there is never enough time to do what she wants and needs to do for herself. “There is never enough time for what is important.” I hear her say at the close of most weeks. 

A Decision 

One day I decided that there was enough. There is enough time for what is important. That little clause is the significant part. There is enough time for what is important. 

Evidence of the Decision 

If I believe it’s important, I will make time for it.  I firmly believe that art is nessisary to life. Having time to draw, sew, journal, write, rest, cook and learn is the most important to me, so that is what I spend my time doing. Of course I do other things, but the majority of my life is spent living with the arts. 

It’s easier at a young age I guess. My mother has had over forty years to let things accumulate and steal your life away. But I don’t believe being busy is a way to live.

When I was young, every time I called my friend she would say she was ‘busy’, I strengthened my resolve to have time to spend doing pleasant things. I didn’t know what sorts of pleasant things but being busy sounded  decidedly  unpleasant.  

Acting on that Belief 

Because I believe there is enough time (to finish college) I am only taking three classes each semester, and working though the summer. The benefits? 

  • Better grades 
  • time for family and friends
  • less anxiety and stress
  • working in the summer keeps me occupied, and I feel better about myself when i’m not moping around. 


Still not convinced that what you want is important?

What you need to do and what you want to do are often intertwined. Let me explain: all work and no play leaves Jack perpetually depressed, single, and possibly suicidal. (Nobody wants a workaholic boyfriend) So you need things in your life that are important (but the world does not hinge upon them)


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